[uGUI]PanelManager v1.4

The new feature in this Version is First Selected.

Bildschirmfoto 2015-12-29 um 12.44.13.png


You now can set the First Selected GameObject on each managed panel. This directly accesses Unity’s eventsystem and sets the GameObject in the appropriate slot.

This helps especially when creating controller based ui control schemes.



And of course thanks to all who are submitting bugs.

  • Fixed a bug there you could only add one script call in a slot like “Call before show” cause the slots did not expand properly.


Version is currently in unity’s review process and should be out during the next days.

3 thoughts on “[uGUI]PanelManager v1.4

  1. Hi , I saw this on the asset store and wondered if it supports toggling between panels. So essentially does it allow for one panel to be active at a time ?

    • Yes you can toggle between panels and also have more then one active if u load/call it with additional = true … in the upcoming update you also can define Groups so you can easily show panels within group and only others in this group will get hidden others will stay untouched. But the code is there and you can add any behaviour you want using the exposed methods . if you run into any problems feel free to contact me i’ll try to answer any questions asap

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