Warping – Bed leveling and the settings

Try Try Try and Try again until you get it right … well thats what i did and still trying to do it better …

Leveling the bed was not so much of a problem for the first print, because it was a very tiny one in the middle of the bed and it seemed to me that the mistakes I made during the leveling were even out in the middle.

So for the first bigger print I got horrible warping of the filament base on one side of the bed but not on the other.

I was confused, I red so much on the internet what could be the reason for that and for most I red that it probably was that the bed was not even or the z axis was not set correctly. So the x axis where the extruder is mounted on is uneven mounted on the lead screws on the left and right (z axis)

Step 1:

Check that the x axis is pretty much even. I used a vernier caliper to do that.

Step 2:

Auto Home the nozzle and disable the steppers, so you can move the bed and the extruder by your self. Take a normal white paper the thinner the better. And hold it between the nozzle and the print bed. You should now turn the screws to level the bed in a manner that the paper really drags between the bed and the nozzle, the thicker the paper the harder the drag if you got a heat paper then you should just feel a little drag if you got a normal weight letter paper you should really feel the drag …

Step 3:

Settings Settings Settings (Pro Tip: unlock all of them in the preferences! by default only the basic parameters are unlocked)

You can set so much stuff in Cura or any other Slicer software to improve the adhesion of  the first print layer. Like make the first layer hight and width a little thicker, turn up the heat change the adhesion type.


I think room temperature is a big for the settings, I think if the room is hotter like >=24 C you also need higher temperatures if the room is colder <= 20 C but thats just a feeling.

Here are some of my settings in a room of around 20C and printing with PLA:

  • Initial layer height from 0.1 to like 0.3 / 0.4
  • Initial layer width to 120%
  • Initial bed temperature to 80 degrees celsius after that back to 60 C
  • I experimented with higher hot end temperatures but I only got different results in hotter rooms so for me 190 C is perfect but in a hotter room I recommend something around 200C-210C
  • adhesion brim with 4-10 brim lines depending on the size of the ground layer of the printed object

I found these settings by trail and error and reading about my problem on different forums … I think the ting you need to know is that the printed PLA either is printed to loose or too tight (bed leveling) it will result in warping or if the printed PLA is cooling down way to fast it will warp (play around with temperature)

I hope these insights help you to get your prints just right !


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