Connect Four 3D (IOS & TV OS)

A long time ago there was my first project I released in the App Stores called Connect Four 3D then it looks a lot different! And it lied in the stores for a long time.

But then came this 64 Bit stuff and since I didn’t update the App it was removed from the stores. But it kind of hurt me to see that the app was dead … so I decided to reanimate it and give a hole new look!


check it out!!!

IOS App Store

or search for “Connect Four 3D” on your Apple TV

And I think Apple felt that the app had to be in the stores right away because I had the fastest time from submission to ready for sale today! I uploaded the app at lunchtime and now like 5 to 6 hours later it is already in the App Stores (IOS AND TV OS)

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