3D Printer – Pursa i3

3D Printer are in our lives for such a long time now but i actually didn't get in touch with one myself so ... I bought the Anycubic Pursa i3 when it was on sale ūüôā I actually already printed some items - they do look amazing! I‚Äôll share some of my experiences with leveling … Continue reading 3D Printer – Pursa i3

Writing native MacOSX plugins using Objective C for Unity

Im writing this because in the attempt of creating a native plugin using objective c i had some fallbacks, minor ones but still. I hadn't found a clear statement about my problem. My Problem was that i got the EntryPointNotFoundException when trying to call my native function from within unity or mono for that matter … Continue reading Writing native MacOSX plugins using Objective C for Unity

[uGUI]Panelmanager v1.3

Just submitted the update v1.3 for the¬†[uGUI]PanelManager to the Unity AssetStore. Lots of bug fixes mostly¬†regarding to calling methods on state change (timing and the ability to remove them again(not just disable)) Also added a feature to fade the transparency of your panels!  

[uGUI]PanelManager 1.2 Released

Version 1.2 is now live in the AssetStore Release Notes: Fixed bug were Methods (before enter state and before leave state) where¬†not called when transition duration was zero Fixed bug in PanelSwitcher component where hiding a hidden panel resulted in showing it Fixed¬†Null reference¬†bug in¬†PanelSwitcher component Added: You can now set MainPanels to show instant … Continue reading [uGUI]PanelManager 1.2 Released

UGUI Panel Manager 1.1 Release

The 1.1 version of the uGUI Panel Manager is now live in the AssetStore. Version changes: *Moved¬†uGUIMenu.cs to Editor Folder Rename ManagedPanels_Editor.cs to uGUIManagedPanels_Editor.cs *The panelManagers Animatios can now animate panels with fixedDeltaTime so also working with (Pause on == TimeScale == 0) *Fix issue: Panel flagged as MainPanel didn‚Äôt properly animate when it was … Continue reading UGUI Panel Manager 1.1 Release