uGUI Panelmanager

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The uGUI Panel Manager helps you with managing your Screens (or Panels).
You can set up GUI transitions with ease (with built in tools or with utilization of the Unity-Animator).
It manages your Panels in Play (in your Game) and Edit mode!
Call functions of your scripts every time a specific screen shows up or gets pushed away.



  • manage panels in edit mode
  • manage panels and their transitions during play mode
  • use built in animation system OR Unity’s animator for panel transitions
  • set Main Panel to show on start
  • call specific functions on “beforeShow”, “afterShow”, “beforeHide”, “afterHide”
  • panel-switcher component for buttons
  • easy script calls for triggering panel-transitions
  • blazing fast gui flow creation

Asset Store Link

Short Overview Video:








  • Feature: added transparency in panel transitions
  • fixed timing with calling methods on state change
  • fixed bug where you can’t delete state change methods


  • fixed null selection on add switch panel component
  • fixed not saving the option to show main panel instant
  • added instant option to switch panel component
  • deleted “this.” in this.ManagedPanelGUI(Panel); in the uGUIManagedPanels_Editor. VS2013 threw an error when attaching to Unity


  • Fixed bug were Methods (before enter state and before leave state) where not called when transition duration was zero
  • Fixed bug in PanelSwitcher component where hiding a hidden panel resulted in showing it
  • Fixed Null reference bug in PanelSwitcher component
  • Added: You can now set MainPanels to show instant on Start or SceneSwitch
  • Added: You can now have multiple mainPanels
  • Changed Calling Methods on changing state from to UnityEvents (previously Methods where called with „SendMessage“)
  •  Change: exposed
    • public static uGUIManagedPanel FindPanel(string name)
    • you can now get the instance or the GameObject of any panel by calling
    • uGUIManager.FindPanel(“PanelName”).CachedGameObject

The 1.1 version of the uGUI Panel Manager is now live in the AssetStore.

Version changes:
*Moved uGUIMenu.cs to Editor Folder
Rename ManagedPanels_Editor.cs to uGUIManagedPanels_Editor.cs

*The panelManagers Animatios can now animate panels with fixedDeltaTime so also working with (Pause on == TimeScale == 0)

*Fix issue: Panel flagged as MainPanel didn’t properly animate when it was already shown in EditMode

*Fix issue: multiple state change calls will now result in the panel moving to the last called state

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