MAHLE Motorsport Arcade

Genre: Retro Racing Game Platforms: iOS & Android Apple AppStore Google Play Store This game is a simple but fun racing game in retro style. Climb the Highscore ladder or even battle a friend over the network in local wifi.

Connect Four 3D

Platform: IOS & TVOS Genre: Boardgame Connect Four 3D is a simple but challenging App. The goal is to get four stones of your color in a row in 3D space. The game board is 4 by 4 by 4 spaces and you can use all to create your winning 4 same colored row. But … Continue reading Connect Four 3D

Las Vegas!

Platform: iOS Genre: Boardgame Las Vegas! is based on the “SPIEL DES JAHRES” 2012 nominated board game. It combines simple gameplay with challenging strategy for a motivating, addictive gaming experience. Once you have started a game, you’ll want to play second round, then another… and another. The digital version of the game has been given a … Continue reading Las Vegas!

Scotland Yard Master

With Scotland Yard Master you can use your smartphone to get additional tools and information in the hunt for Mister X. The Smartphone uses its camera to display additional information on the game board with (augmented reality). My Responsibilities: Coding and Coordination. Team was in total 3 people and one half time freelancer. (1,5 Aritsts, 1 … Continue reading Scotland Yard Master


“Missio for life” is an exhibition in which children are supposed to learn about the third world. It’s a mobile interactive learning parcoure with a serious game application on an IPad. The main topic of this is gender equality worldwide. My job was: My job was the server tech and network communication between the IPads … Continue reading MISSIO FOR LIFE

Fireworks Simulator

Developer: Reality Twist Publisher: Rondo Media Release: 2013 Platform: Pc/Mac/IOS SteamLink Description: Fireworks fascination - All eyes are on the sky, the music starts, the first spectacular effects explode high in the air, open mouths, loud "Ooohs" and "Aaahs" from the crowd. Anyone who's ever witnessed live fireworks knows just how spellbinding a well put-together … Continue reading Fireworks Simulator

Space Goats

sry this one is still in German I'll translate it some time 😉 Space Goats ist ein Towerdefense/Missile Invader Mix für PC,Mac,IOS & Android (Not released) Aufgabe Wir wollen dem Spieler nicht nur kurzweilige Tower-Defense-Action auf dem Schlachtfeld liefern, sondern auch die Möglichkeit geben, etwas über Logik und Maschinensprache zu lernen. Gib vor deinen Freunden … Continue reading Space Goats

Word Wonders

GameDescription (original link) Word Wonders: The Tower of Babel is an exciting mix of word puzzle and RPG elements. The player needs to conquer the tower of Babel with only the power of words. During demanding word duels, he is up against mythological enemies and must defeat them by placing words on a game board … Continue reading Word Wonders