Project Type: Tools

  • 3D Lightning Generator

    3D Lightning Generator

    3D Lightning Generator for Unity 3D (AssetStore) Procedural generated lightning strikes with many parameters to optimize so it fits your style/project.        

  • Dissolve Shader

    Dissolve Shader

    This shader is available in the Unity Asset Store. (Link) The shader dissolves any given Object like in Borderlands the enemies are dissolving through acid and fire. The package comes with two shaders: Dissolve_TexturCoords: The Shader Dissolve_TexturCoords uses the TextureCoordinates of the given Object. That gives you the Opportunity to set where the object should Dissolve…

  • Gestures


    Unity Asset Store Link Suited for: Mouse and Touch With Gestures you can simply add gesture control to your game. Similar to systems used in games such as Black and White or Infinity Blade. You can set predefined gestures or let the user define new ones InGame. It works on PC / Mac , IOS,…

  • uGUI Panelmanager

    uGUI Panelmanager

    Asset Store Link The uGUI Panel Manager helps you with managing your Screens (or Panels). You can set up GUI transitions with ease (with built in tools or with utilization of the Unity-Animator). It manages your Panels in Play (in your Game) and Edit mode! Call functions of your scripts every time a specific screen…

  • Panel Manager (for NGUI)

    The Panelmanager groups your Panels into screens and gives you easy controls for screen transitions in playmode like showing, hiding, switching and toggling. Edit Panels and their transforms (on/off/toggle transform position,rotation,scale and alpha) with preview and organization tools in the editor. Demo/Tutorial Video: AssetStore: