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  • Raspberry & Octoprint

    Raspberry & Octoprint

    To print stuff on your 3D printer you either handle those nasty sd-cards or you have a pc attached to your printer running all the time. To “FIX” this i decided to set up a raspberry pi with octoprint and have this always attached to the printer. I baught the Raspberry Pi 3 and followed […]

  • Strain relief for the heatbed cables Pursa i3 / Thingiverse

    Strain relief for the heatbed cables Pursa i3 / Thingiverse

    I red a lot about the cables that power the heat/build plate to loosen or suffering from material fatigue and I didn’t find a thing that was fitting my printer setup so I designed one myself and decided to share it on thingiverse. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2941788  

  • Warping – Bed leveling and the settings

    Warping – Bed leveling and the settings

    Try Try Try and Try again until you get it right … well thats what i did and still trying to do it better … Leveling the bed was not so much of a problem for the first print, because it was a very tiny one in the middle of the bed and it seemed […]

  • CURA and the first print

    CURA and the first print

    Cura is the slicer software of my choice. Why? Well i didn’t knew much when i started using it … and it was recommended by the handbook of the 3D printer. So I set up Cura it was really simple just choosing the printer I had and installing the correct drivers for the printer and […]

  • 3D Printer – Pursa i3

    3D Printer – Pursa i3

    3D Printer are in our lives for such a long time now but i actually didn’t get in touch with one myself so … I bought the Anycubic Pursa i3 when it was on sale 🙂 I actually already printed some items – they do look amazing! I’ll share some of my experiences with leveling […]