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  • [uGUI]PanelManager v1.4

    [uGUI]PanelManager v1.4

    The new feature in this Version is First Selected.   You now can set the First Selected GameObject on each managed panel. This directly accesses Unity’s eventsystem and sets the GameObject in the appropriate slot. This helps especially when creating controller based ui control schemes.     And of course thanks to all who are submitting bugs. […]

  • [uGUI]Panelmanager v1.3

    Just submitted the update v1.3 for the [uGUI]PanelManager to the Unity AssetStore. Lots of bug fixes mostly regarding to calling methods on state change (timing and the ability to remove them again(not just disable)) Also added a feature to fade the transparency of your panels!  


    The fixes in Version 1.23 fixed null selection on add switch panel component fixed not saving the option to show main panel instant added instant option to switch panel component deleted “this.” in this.ManagedPanelGUI(Panel); in the uGUIManagedPanels_Editor. VS2013 threw an error when attaching to Unity

  • [uGUI]PanelManager 1.2 Released

    Version 1.2 is now live in the AssetStore Release Notes: Fixed bug were Methods (before enter state and before leave state) where not called when transition duration was zero Fixed bug in PanelSwitcher component where hiding a hidden panel resulted in showing it Fixed Null reference bug in PanelSwitcher component Added: You can now set MainPanels to show instant […]

  • UGUI Panel Manager 1.1 Release

    The 1.1 version of the uGUI Panel Manager is now live in the AssetStore. Version changes: *Moved uGUIMenu.cs to Editor Folder Rename ManagedPanels_Editor.cs to uGUIManagedPanels_Editor.cs *The panelManagers Animatios can now animate panels with fixedDeltaTime so also working with (Pause on == TimeScale == 0) *Fix issue: Panel flagged as MainPanel didn’t properly animate when it was […]

  • uGUI Panelmanager

    uGUI Panelmanager

    The new and improved Panel Manager for the new Unity GUI (uGUI) has arrived and is ready for purchase (20$) in the Unity Asset Store. Let’s start making awesome GUIs with ease 🙂 Page Link Asset Store Link