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  • UiToolkit – Runtime tool tips made easy

    I am currently working on a project there i was in need of tool tips. If you worked with UiToolkit before you know there are tool tips for the editor environment but not yet for the runtime environment. But luckily its very easy to get the tool tips into the runtime environment. We just have…

  • Shader Unlit Alpha Color

    Since I often need a unlit shader with transparency and a color overlay, and this is not a shader that comes with Unity i always find myself downloading the built-in shaders and modify the unlit-alpha.shader … so for you and my future self, just copy paste: 

  • Connect Four 3D (IOS & TV OS)

    Connect Four 3D (IOS & TV OS)

    A long time ago there was my first project I released in the App Stores called Connect Four 3D then it looks a lot different! And it lied in the stores for a long time. But then came this 64 Bit stuff and since I didn’t update the App it was removed from the stores.…

  • How to get DPad values in Unity TVOS

    Struggled some time to get the dpad values and the delta touch positions in my Unity TVOS project. Its kind of strange to set it up but it works. In the unity scripting reference you can find this value for this Remote.reportAbsoluteDpadValues and my thought was to call this in Awake or Start but that…

  • Writing native MacOSX plugins using Objective C for Unity

    Writing native MacOSX plugins using Objective C for Unity

    Im writing this because in the attempt of creating a native plugin using objective c i had some fallbacks, minor ones but still. I hadn’t found a clear statement about my problem. My Problem was that i got the EntryPointNotFoundException when trying to call my native function from within unity or mono for that matter…

  • [uGUI]PanelManager v1.4

    [uGUI]PanelManager v1.4

    The new feature in this Version is First Selected.   You now can set the First Selected GameObject on each managed panel. This directly accesses Unity’s eventsystem and sets the GameObject in the appropriate slot. This helps especially when creating controller based ui control schemes.     And of course thanks to all who are submitting bugs.…

  • Ran out of Trampolines

    If Xcode tells you that you ran out of trampolines and your app crashes, don’t worry your application still can jump on your IOS device 😉 If you heavily use recursive Generics (type 1) or like in my case interfaces (type 2) just set the AOT settings higher! I had a great laugh when i read for…

  • [uGUI]Panelmanager v1.3

    Just submitted the update v1.3 for the [uGUI]PanelManager to the Unity AssetStore. Lots of bug fixes mostly regarding to calling methods on state change (timing and the ability to remove them again(not just disable)) Also added a feature to fade the transparency of your panels!  

  • Dissolve Shader Update

    The Dissolve shader got an update. It now supports 2D Sprites. Have fun dissolving stuff in your 2D Game! goto Dissolve Shader